• Michelle Goudy

Baby Bum Brush

Some people may look at the Baby Bum Brush as a silly, unneeded purchase, but it absolutely IS NOT! When I look in my mom's groups on Facebook, this product always comes up as a must have for new parents. The Baby Bum Brush is basically a spatula

designed to help you apply diaper rash cream. I was skeptical of the need for this, but when my second had near constant diaper rash, I thought I would give it a try. I was so sick of putting cream on and then trying finish putting his diaper on without getting cream everywhere. Once the diaper was on, I would go wash my hands but diaper cream does not wash off easy! I guess the whole repelling moisture thing actually works with these creams.

With the Baby Bum Brush, you don't have to get any cream on your hands, it's so easy to apply cream evenly and it has a suction end so you can stand it up while you finish putting your baby's diaper on. Then just wipe clean with a wipe. Seriously, it's amazing. And it's so cheap that you might as well give it a try!

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