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Baby Shusher

There are so many baby products on the market these days and it's constantly growing. The products that were popular with my first child were out of date with my second child two years later. So how does a new parent know what they need and what's a waste of money? A lot of it is personal preference. Your friend may swear by swaddling, while your child screams bloody murder in the swaddle. Or you may want your child next to your bed in a bassinet, while your sister prefers her child across the room in a crib. As a sleep coach, my goal is to help your family achieve safe and healthy sleep. So every Friday I will be sharing one of my favorite baby sleep products. And occasionally I'll throw in some amazing products that have nothing to do with sleep or babies just for fun.

The first item I want to feature is the Baby Shusher. I gift this to all my friends with newborns. As one of Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S's, shushing is a great way to calm a baby.

But shushing can be exhausting for parents. With the Baby Shusher, this little machine does the work for you. Simply twist it on, adjust the volume and let your baby be shushed to sleep (or at least shushed to calm). It's super slick and super easy.

I ended up breaking our first one (actually my 3 year old did) and although it was available on Amazon Prime, it felt like the longest two days of my life waiting for the new Baby Shusher to be delivered. This is item is totally worth it, especially in those first few months when you have no idea when or how your child will sleep. The Baby Shusher helps calm your crying baby and maybe even puts them to sleep.

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