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Bedtime Pass

One of the many challenges with toddler and preschool sleep is the repeated requests after bedtime has been completed. Can I can have another glass of water? I have to go potty (again). Can I have one more song? Will you sit with me a little longer? Or if you're my preschooler - Can I have a band-aid?

These requests can be frustrating and exhausting for parents. Bedtime can turn into a 2 hour affair by the time you fulfill all their requests. And usually the requests are so simple that it seems easy to concede than fight your child. But every time you complete your child's request, your child is learning how to prolong bedtime and get your attention.

Enter the Bedtime Pass. The idea is that by using the bedtime pass, your child is limited to one request per night. When they make the request, they hand over the Bedtime Pass. Once the Bedtime Pass has been used, no other requests will be granted. And if they still have the Bedtime Pass in the morning (meaning they didn't make any requests) they get a special treat!

When using the Bedtime Pass, make sure your child understands how to use it and it's age appropriate. It may take a few nights for them to get the hang of it, but be consistent. If you grant their request without making them use the Bedtime Pass, it won't be effective.

Go ahead and print the above pass, make your own, or use an object around the house, like a playing card.

And if your toddler or preschooler's bedtime is a nightmare, let me help. Contact me for a free consultation.

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