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Daylight Saving Time

Before having children, I LOVED to fall back. I'd get an extra hour of sleep and it was glorious. Now that I have kids, I feel differently. My kids don't know that the clock has changed and they still wake up at the same time. So instead of waking up at 7:00, they're waking up at 6:00. Yuck!

Here are some ways to make this transition and get back into your routine as smoothly as possible:

Adjust your schedule: If you want to be super prepared, start adjusting your schedule the week before. Move bedtime and wake up time back by 15 minutes each day. See the below schedule for a baby that goes to bed at 7:00 pm and wake at 7:00 am.

Wednesday: 7:15 Bedtime --- 7:15 Wake Up

Thursday: 7:30 Bedtime --- 7:30 Wake Up

Friday: 7:45 Bedtime --- 7:45 Wake Up

Saturday: 8:00 Bedtime --- 8:00 Wake Up

Sunday: 7:00 Bedtime --- 7:00 Wake Up

Keep the room dark: When daylight saving time ends, the mornings will be brighter again. Make sure you're using black out shades to keep the room as dark as possible in the morning. This will help your child to sleep until the desired wake time.

Use your sleep training method: If you've sleep trained in the past, you may have to break out some of those techniques to get through the time change. Be consistent! Usually kids that have been sleep trained in the past handle subsequent sleep training well - just a few days and they'll be back on track.

Use an "Okay to Wake" clock: If your toddler responds well to an "okay to wake" clock, this is a great time to use it! Just make sure you change the clock's setting to reflect the time change.

Wing it: I hate to admit it, but this is usually what I do. I would like to plan ahead and adjust our schedule so we have a seamless transition, but it never happens. So I just put the kids to bed sometime between 7:00-8:00 on Saturday night and then let them hang in their rooms until 6:30ish am Sunday morning. On Sunday night, I'll put them to bed at their normal time and push wake up back until closer to 7:00 am. After a night or two, we've transitioned and daylight saving time is a distant memory.

So whether you like to plan or just wing it, you'll get through the time change. Just be consistent and your child will catch on quickly. If daylight saving time wrecks havoc on your schedule, reach out! I'm here to help!

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