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Hatch Baby Rest

The Hatch Baby Rest is one of my favorite products for parents. It can be used in the newborn stage as a white noise machine and nightlight (setting it to red light is much less stimulating than white light for those middle of the night feedings). It grows with your child and can be used an okay to wake clock when your child needs some help staying in bed at night.

The Hatch Baby Rest has a variety of sounds and colors that can be customized on the machine itself or using an app on your phone. It also allows you to create programs that run on a daily basis. For example, this is the program we have set for our 4 year old:

7:00pm Yellow light and soft white noise to signal bedtime routine

7:30pm Red light and louder white noise to signal bedtime. This stays on all night long.

7:00am Green light and soft white noise to signal that’s it’s okay to get out of bed

We also use the app to adjust settings in the middle of the night. If a thunderstorm rolls through, we crank up the white noise and our son will sleep right through it. It’s so great!

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