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Hesitant to Hire a Sleep Coach?

I see a lot of parents that want to hire a sleep coach but are hesitant for a variety of reasons. I want to tackle some of the common concerns parents have and show you that there's nothing we can't handle together.

1. A sleep coach will make my child "cry it out." Sleep training and sleep coaching makes most people automatically think "cry it out." The truth is that there are many different methods of sleep training, varying from complete extinction to gentle no-cry methods. I work with parents to find a method that fits the child's personality and the parent's comfort level. Check out my blog post on Why Sleep Training is a Yucky Word to tackle some of the concerns around sleep training in general.

2. I'm embarrassed that I co-sleep/feed in the middle of the night/still let my child have a pacifier/insert other sleep habit. I promise there will be no judgement on my part when it comes to your current sleep situation or your desired sleep situation. I'm not surprised by anything. Every family is different and every family has different sleep goals. Maybe you're embarrassed that your 2 year old gets a bottle in the middle of the night. If you want to make a change, let's do it! Or maybe you're embarrassed that you nurse your 18 month old in the middle of the night, but still enjoy doing it. Then I won't make you wean until you're ready. I can work with any situation and help you achieve your goals.

3. Our sleep situation is too far gone to make any changes. Not true at all! Again, I promise there will be no judgment on my part. It doesn't matter if your issue is "small" or "big", we can work together. Does your 2 year old wake up 7 times a night? Need to be rocked for 2 hours to fall asleep? End up in your bed every night? Refuse to nap? All of the above? You're not too far gone! We can make changes!

4. I should be able to do this on my own. A lot of parents are ashamed that they can't get their child to sleep on their own. Their friends didn't need a sleep coach, so their embarrassed to even consider hiring a sleep coach. And in this age of technology, can't you find every piece of sleep training advice on Google? I compare a sleep coach to a personal trainer. Does everyone need a personal trainer? No. Some people can handle working out on their own. Some people don't like working out and are content with their current situation. Some people are just blessed with great metabolism. And some people benefit from a personal trainer that gives them specific instructions and guides them along the journey, answering questions and being their client's biggest fan. The same goes for a sleep coach. Not everyone needs or wants one, but they can be tremendously beneficial to helping you achieve your goals.

5. It's a lot of money. This may or may not be true. When I first hired a sleep coach, my husband was very skeptical but it turned out to be the best money I ever spent. It's up to you to decide what the priorities are for your family and what your budget is. Most families that hire a sleep coach find it priceless. Now that their child is sleeping, they see a decrease in anxiety around bedtime, they have time for their marriage, they sleep better themselves. All things that are hard to put a price tag on.

6. I'm not sure I'm ready. The last question of my intake form is, "Are you and your partner ready to make changes to your current sleep situation?" If the answer is no, then the time is not right to hire a sleep coach. We have to make changes to get a different result. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Some families want a different result, but aren't ready to make changes. If that's the case, THAT'S OKAY! I will never pressure you to do something you're not ready to do. You may have some anxiety around the process (I can talk you through that) but if you're really not ready to make a change, it's okay to wait. I'll be here when you're ready.

Thinking about hiring a sleep coach but not sure if you're ready. Let's chat! Schedule a free consultation today.

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