• Michelle Goudy

How to Break the Rock to Sleep Habit

Rocking a baby to sleep can be such a precious time for mom and dad to bond with baby. If you genuinely enjoy this time with your child, keep doing it! When you decide it's no longer working for you or your child - maybe you're rocking your baby to sleep for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes – it’s time to break the habit.  Your baby should be drowsy but awake

when you put them in their crib.  So you can still rock them, just don’t let them fall asleep in your arms.  I usually suggest rocking your baby for the length of a song (Jesus Loves Me is popular in our house).  When the song is over, put your baby in the crib.  They may fuss.  That’s because they’re used to being rocked to sleep.  Try to not to pick them up.  This is the habit you want to break. If it's too hard for you not to touch your child at all, you can try placing a hand on their chest or back to calm them, but remove that hand as soon as they calm down. If they're older than 4 months old and weigh more than 12 pounds, it's okay to find a sleep training method you’re comfortable with and be consistent.

If you’re struggling to break this habit, reach out! I can help!

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