• Michelle Goudy

Marpac Dohm

If you ask any sleep consultant what their favorite noise machine is, they'll probably say the Marpac Dohm. First, it's been around forever and second, it's so simple to use. The Dohm Classic has nearly 15,000 reviews on Amazon with 70% giving it a 5 star review. It's different than most sound machines because it is not digitized noise. It uses a fan to produce the noise without the disturbance of moving air. And it's so easy to use. Simply turn it on to

high or low setting. That's it! So many sound machines overwhelm you with the sound options. Do I want rain? Jungle? Waves? Heartbeat? Lullabies? All of these sounds can be overstimulating for children. Plain old white noise (or as Dohm uses, "pink noise") is best for calming and soothing. I highly recommend these for every family. Click the link below to purchase.

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