• Michelle Goudy

WubbaNub Pacifier

Despite my best efforts, neither of my kids were very interested in the pacifier. It drove me nuts. Other kids would be crying and their parents would pop in the pacifier - silence! Not for my kids! They just cried and cried. The only consolation was that I didn't have to wean either of my children from the pacifier.

The only pacifier that worked for a short time was the WubbaNub. This worked well because we could rest the animal on our son's chest and it stayed in his mouth better.

WubbaNub Pacifiers are ideal for children newborn to 6 months. They are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and latex free. The best things about WubbaNubs is how adorable they are. They come in all kinds of animals - giraffe, penguin, puppy, cow, elephant and more. Not only do these stuffed animals make it easier for your child to hold on to, it also makes it easier to find the pacifier when they drop it.

According to WubbaNub, these pacifiers are not designed to be used in the crib. The AAP recommends that the crib is free from all blankets, toys and stuffed animals while your child is sleeping. The WubbaNub is classified as a stuffed animal. So use the WubbaNub during observed napping and awake sucking and a simple pacifier for overnight sleep.

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