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Zipadee-Zip Sleep Suit

The Zipadee-Zip Sleep Suit is a starfish type sleep suit that is mainly used for children aged 3 - 24 months. The idea behind the Zipadee-Zip is that is calms the "Moro" (or startle) reflex, while still allowing the child to safely roll and move. I typically recommend swaddling newborns to calm the Moro reflex, but swaddling is no longer safe when baby can roll. This is a great time to transition to the Zipadee-Zip.

Besides calming the Moro reflex, the Zipadee-Zip keeps baby's hands warm, while also allowing your child to put their hands in their mouth to self-soothe if desired. If your baby has a habit of scratching or has eczema, the Zipadee-Zip is great because it prevents scratching without wearing mittens (that never stay on!).

The Zipadee-Zip can be used in a stroller, baby carrier or car seat, so it's perfect for being out and about. And if baby falls asleep, it makes for an easy transfer to crib.

Probably my favorite aspect of the Zipadee-Zip is the abundance of cute patterns that the suits come in. Seriously, there's so many! And they're all adorable! Check out the link below to purchase.

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